What Is Halloween 2017

Things occurs which is as it should be. Our entire lives are a progression of associated occasions, one foretelling another. It is every one of the one goliath astound that unites all the vital components that are required for our spirit's development and development. These are truly all given in adoration, the one durable power that ties every one of us together as one. 


The Christian religion has received numerous ceremonies and days of festivity from the antiquated conventions of their own convictions of how the Great Spirit functions in our lives. Numerous "agnostic" or Earth based practices were deliberately brought into the establishment of present day Christianity with the goal that they would be all the more promptly acknowledged. 


The festival of the Winter Solstice is one illustration. Winter Solstice is the most limited day of the year. The "light" vanishes considerably speedier that day than some other day of the year. Our physical sun remains not too far off of earth for three days, it doesn't move from that position. On Christmas morn the physical sun begins to rise again on its way to the sky. 


Jesus the epitome of the Christ, the light of God, is conceived on Christmas morn. At the point when the physical sun is "resting" at the skyline the otherworldly light is filling each iota of room and enters to the exceptionally focus of our Mother Earth and to the focal point of us. The Light of the Great Spirit is the LOVE that is given to us as our life constrain. 


I have been a fanatic of Edgar Cayce for a long time. He was known as the "dozing prophet" and helped a huge number of individuals while he was in a "daze" state. He could effectively analyze therapeutic conditions and furthermore give data that would be useful to the individual he was perusing to cure the circumstance. 


He was a Baptist serve and didn't have confidence in resurrection however began alluding to his customers past lives as a purpose behind their present sickness. He at that point gave individuals readings on their past lives. 


One day numerous years prior I was perched on my parlor floor by a low shelf. Out of the blue a red soft cover book actually hopped out of the rack and fell on the ground. It was a book of the predictions of Edgar Cayce. I got the book and knew I needed to open it to the principal page I happened upon. I read the accompanying; 


"The day most credited to the sinking of Atlantis was October 31 or November first." 


The correct day this happened and the day I was perusing this was November first! 


Everything seemed well and good. November first is known as All Saints Day in the Catholic Church. November second is known as All Souls day, or the day of the dead, the day to respect our relatives. The festivals of Halloween  2017 was most likely begun to respect the dead from the sinking of Atlantis. This was later adjusted into the Christian religions. 


Atlantis had turned into an exceptionally innovatively propelled human advancement that has in the long run turned out to be degenerate and utilized this to make wars on different social orders. There should be 3 to 4 sinking scenes of the lost landmass. The last one has been connected to the colossal surge. 


There is additionally the likelihood that the monsters of old, the "Fallen Angels," the Nephilim, were intentionally wiped off the earth in the surge in view of their terrible ways. The legend of the Great surge has been recorded in numerous religions of our planet. We are altogether connected together as One in Spirit. 


Halloween 2017 comes to us through "sprucing up" in various outfits, i.e. as various individuals. This custom might be a return to the season of the sinking of Atlantis when truly thousand of souls kicked the bucket without a moment's delay. We spruce up to maintain a strategic distance from the "soul harvester" who conveys us to our physical passing. We are in ensemble so that "He" won't remember us and take us away. 


Atlantis is presently being connected to Antarctica and the lost city found underneath the ice. Edgar Cayce indicated Bimini as the best most pile of Atlantis that never sank. My outing there demonstrated to me that it was to be sure Atlantis. The principal night we felt 10,000 souls endeavoring to get into the rooms we were remaining in. Extremely bizarre vitality! (see my article,"Bimini-Atlantis Found?") 


The embroidered artwork of life has been entwined into stories, legends, religions, and normal convictions of the considerable number of individuals and life on Mother Earth. We truly are all the same with various faces and bodies. We are all piece of "The Great One Spirit." 


Give us a chance to start to acknowledge and respect our disparities and appreciate each other for the blessings and intelligence we each need to share. 


© 2017 


Happy C. Fights has worked in the mending expressions since 1976. She has honed the craft of back rub, Jin Shin Jyutsu (an old type of Japanese Acupressure), CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and foot reflexology. Happy is the writer and artist of Christmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy Days December 26-January 6 Merry's book is an arrangement of her 26 year reflection travel with the twelve heavenly days. Her book can be utilized all year as we go through each indication of the Zodiac.

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